Controlling the Philips Hue lighting system from your Windows PC.

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Looking for an app to control the LIFX lighting system? Try WinLIFX.

WinHue is a Windows desktop application for controlling the Philips Hue lighting system.

It is simple to use; lights and groups can be easily switched on and off with just a double click.

Completely free and open source, it's also one of the few fully-featured Hue apps on Windows.

Simple Control

There are intuitive creators for default bridge items:

  • Groups
  • Schedules
  • Scenes
  • Rules
  • Sensors
  • Resource Links

And even if that's not enough, there's an advanced creator for custom JSON input to the bridge.

Unique Features

WinHue offers unique features that cannot be found in the official Hue app.

  • Assigning Hotkeys to toggle lights.
  • Floorplan layouts to map your home's lighting system.
  • Advanced granular control of evey item on the bridge.

Quick and easy setup with support for multiple bridges means you'll be up and running with little more than a tap of the push-link button on your bridge.

And Finally...

WinHue also has a fully-featured console application bundled with the installer.

Support and Contact

Having trouble with WinHue? Check out our issues forum and we'll help you sort it out.


If you like WinHue, please consider donating. I will always offer WinHue for free and donations keep me encouraged to continue its developement. Thanks!

Three Philips Hue bulbs in a row, illuminated.